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Spring signs

Spring is in the air! Yesterday it officially became Spring here in Denmark, as it was Spring Equinox (I think it’s called so…?). The day truly lived up to its name, as the sun shined all day long. It actually…

Moodboard inspiration

Fall moodboard

It’s no secret that I love moodboards, and I do make a lot of them! Entering the fall season means a lot of inspiration inputs, as you can see from my previous post (where I keep pinning, btw). I feel like…

Summer living //
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Summer living

The first summer month has passed and it always use to be a rather hectic one. A lot of activities and summer goodbyes at school and the kids leisure activities, midsummer celebration and usually lots of projects that have…

Feels like Summer //
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Feels like Summer

  I guess I got what I wished for in the last blogpost. The lighter and brigther days have arrived for sure, and now it almost feels like Summer. Couldn’t be better, and it feels great! There is just…

that spring feeling //
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That spring feeling

I think we can finally say that spring is here to stay. Everything is slowly turning green and flowers are popping up where ever you look. The evenings are getting brighter every day and soon we can skip that…

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At the moment I am attending a great photo workshop by the very talented Christina Greve. I love what I am learning and look so much forward to the rest of the workshop. Workshops also means homework and the…

Decoration tips


Green plants are definitely one of my favorite decoration tips. It is very trendy right now and green plants like big palms and cacti are having revival. Now you can hardly get enough green plants in your home if…