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Spring signs

spring signs // heidihallingstad.com

Spring is in the air!

Yesterday it officially became Spring here in Denmark, as it was Spring Equinox (I think it’s called so…?). The day truly lived up to its name, as the sun shined all day long. It actually felt like Spring and one could start to believe that everything is turning green some time soon! Oh, how I’m looking forward to it! Parts of Denmark also had snow yesterday, and it’s still very cold, but soon!!!

spring signs // heidihallingstad.com

Spring signs indoor

As we wait for everything to start blooming outdoors, it’s always nice to enjoy some of it indoors. I bought these heartseases last week and although they can survive pretty cold weather, I had to save them from the freezing cold wind during the weekend. Very nice to enjoy them indoors too, and together with the cute lovebirds from Kay Bojesen (advertisement link), it makes a fine little spring stilleben. I guess I have to dig the box with Easter decoration up from the basement soon too, but until now this also works fine as an Easter decoration – at least in my opinion 😉

spring signs // heidihallingstad.com

Have you started decorating for Easter, yet? Or maybe you don’t decorate at all? Let me know, I always a bit curious 😉

Best wishes from Heidi

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