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Welcome December

The long wait Then December is suddenly here. Or, finally, if you ask my kids. They have been waiting patiently for weeks for this magic day to appear, and in their eyes the Christmas starts NOW! For me (and…

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Fir trees and pine cones

It’s the time for decorating our homes for Christmas. Nothing is more cosy than bringing out lovely Christmas ornaments from those boxes that have been stored away since December last year. Even though I have plenty of ornaments all…

Christmas Decoration tips

Christmas wreath the easy way

I was writing earlier about making wreaths for Christmas this year. Well, I have made one, but I have kind of cheated a bit… If you are making a big and solid wreath from scratch, it takes a lot…

DIY & upcycling


The marble trend is all over us and you can now buy nice looking marble products all over. But why not also get creative and make your very own marble? Maybe not real marble that is, but lets take…

Decoration tips DIY & upcycling


  My work station at home is a lovely old desk. Unfortunately it has an ugly countertop. Instead for painting it, I cover it with changing wallpapers and foils. In this example I have used marble wallpaper but it…