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Sweet sustainable dreams



Visiting Auping’s sustainable production facility

If you follow me on Instagram you  might have noticed my trip to Holland a while ago. It was a press trip and we were invited to see and hear more about Auping. As you probably also know, I’m a big fan of Auping – both the beds and the way they run their business.

Auping business philosophy were actually the main reason I chose to go on this trip – I wanted to experience a well run production company with outstanding values in real life.


More than a good night’s sleep

Auping is so much more than just a good night’s sleep, even though the beds are amazing. No false marketing there 😉 I was asked if we still sleep well in our Auping bed, and the fact is that I don’t actually think about it anymore… Sleeping well and comfortable in our bed has just become something I take for granted, and that is just how it’s supposed to be. In my earlier blogpost Choosing a bed you can read more about what we appreciate so much about our precious Auping bed.

Commitment to sustainable production and environmental responsibility

But back to what makes Auping so outstanding. Back in 2010, Auping communicates their commitment to sustainable production and environmental responsibility. Commitment is the key word here, as Auping doesn’t just do this as a marketing-gimmick. For let’s face it, the terms sustainability and environmental responsibility is used in many creative ways in different marketing materials around the world. Auping are dead serious in their commitment and don’t take lightly on the changes they do in their business and how this affects every process in their business model.

People oriented

Auping has set 3 main goals to be reached by 2020. The first one is up cycling at the highest possible level. In short this means reusing as many materials as possible. For instance, Auping offers to take back your old mattress and up cycle it to new materials in their new mattresses.

The second goal is to power their production with renewable energy. The third and a very important one, I think, is what they call “people oriented”. This includes both leading and organisation strategies, supply chain transparency and optimal employee conditions. Explaining every detail of this would make this a very long blogpost, but the core of it is to think of working conditions and the environment before thinking of profitability. Being at Auping’s production facility made this last part very visible for us. Every detail of the production was planned with sustainability and the best conditions for the employees in mind.

Sustainable dreams

Looking at Auping and their business strategies, can’t help me wonder if not more companies could have similar goals and standards. I sincerely hope this is how the future looks like for more production companies. It shouldn’t be impossible!

The pictures are taken at Hotel Thermen Bussloo where we were lucky to spend the night (in an Auping bed, off course!). A beautiful spot where I wish I could have spent a lot more time relaxing and dreaming sustainable dreams 😉

Thanks for reading along – I know this might be a long and somehow serious blogpost. But never the less also an important one, so thank you for your attention!

Best wishes from Heidi

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