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Choosing a bed*

Investing in a new bed and mattresses involves a lot of considerations and choices. Actually so many considerations that I have to admit we ignored the fact that we needed a new bed and mattresses for far to long ūüėČ

The selection of bed and mattresses are big. So where on earth do you start? We started by writing down some demands that we saw as important to us. The comfort should off course be the main thing, but things like appearance and ventilation were also important to us.

As we looked at several beds and mattresses, a new demand became important to us. We wanted a sustainable and eco-friendly bed.

Auping Essential

We ended up choosing an Auping Essential bed with Vivo mattresses and this is why:


For me (mostly) the design of the bed was important. I wanted a bed that looked like a piece of furniture and not just a ‚Äúpile of mattresses‚ÄĚ – nothing wrong with that at all, but I am just not too fond of it. Auping Essential is designed by Claudia K√∂hler and Irmy Wilms and I love the shape and proportions.


Our bodies have to have the right temperature to sleep well and a mattress and bed should be able to get rid of moisture and regulate our temperature. This has always been Auping’s expertise and both the bed and the Vivo mattresses are made so they ventilate well.


Our backs, necks and shoulders are just not what they used to be and need the right support during our sleep. The Vivo mattresses have both a flexible shoulder and hip area so our backs get the best support possible.

Cradle 2 Cradle

We wanted a bed that was produced with concern for the environment. With Auping Essential we even got the first bed ever to be awarded a Cradle 2 Cradle certificate. This label guarantees that the bed is made of at least 50% recycled materials, or materials that are recyclable. Auping is well known for their responsible and safe production methods and they use environmental-friendly materials wherever possible – for instance the use water based paints.

Auping Essential

So these were the main reasons why we chose the bed we did. I think the demands when choosing a bed will vary a lot from person to person. But I think issues like ventilation and support should be things everyone should consider when buying a new bed and mattresses.

There are off course also things like budget you have to consider. An Auping bed is a big investment, but for us it made sense ‚Äď this is after all a piece of furniture that will stay with us for many, many years to come and our health and happiness depends highly on how well we sleep.

Auping Essential

And after sleeping in the bed for a while now, we can honestly say that the investment definitely has paid off. We sleep better than we ever did before and the difference in our backs and shoulders are remarkable.

Trying out the mattresses before you buy them are also extremely important. Both so you can get and impression of how comfortable you are in the bed but definitely also so you make the right decision when it comes to how hard your mattress should be. We got excellent help at one of Auping‚Äôs retailers, Kollund M√łbler.

Auping Essential

Have a nice day!


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