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How well do you sleep?

I myself, can’t brag about having the best sleeping habits. How about you?

I promised you in the blog post Sweet Dreams that I would get back to our new bed and how we chose it.

However I stumbled across this nice and quite fun listing on Ellos’* website – it’s about the 7 sleeping sins. I only found them in Danish so I have tried to translate them to English and I want to share them with you.


We all dream about eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. The dream can actually come true – but do not let the seven sins disrupt your sleep.

1. Lust

Are you a night owl who finds it difficult to go to bed? It doesn’t work that well when the alarm clock rings at six o’clock the next morning. Instead, try changing your sleeping pattern. Sleep experts recommend that we start the day with a quick walk – then it is easier to fall asleep at night.

2. Pride

Do you still think that you are 20 and insist on buying a hotel soft mattress? But ask your protesting back a year later how smart a decision it was. What fits your partner may not suit you. Instead, buy two mattresses. Your back will thank you!

3. Greed

Just before you go to bed, you open the window. But when the cold comes creeping, remember: you shall not steel your sleeping partners quilt… This is according to a US study a large (!) reason why people choose to have separate bedrooms 😉


4. Sloth

You lie awake in bed to long, thinking you have to sleep your eight hours. But it is an outdated advice. Your sleeping needs is hereditary and individually. Furthermore the correlation between fatigue and the number of hours we sleep is not as great as you may think.

5. Gluttony

It’s nice to take your phone or tablet to bed – but it destroys nocturnal sleep. The bright blue light is interfering with the brain’s sleep hormone. Research shows that it makes you sleep 45 minutes less. Read a book instead!

6. Envy

We buy pillows in all sizes and shapes. Still, you cannot help but glance at your partner’s pillow that works so welcoming and soft. A classic!

7. Anger

Have you had a discussion with your partner or someone else in your family? Make peace before bedtime. And if you cannot find any other ways to solve the discussion, you can always settle it with a pillow fight 😉

(source: Ellos*)



I definitely know that I “sin” when it comes to number 1 and number 5 😉

And until recently I have also “sinned” big time when it comes to number 2. We have postponed the buying of new mattresses for far to long and we are definitely not 20 anymore!

But know we have invested in great mattresses from Auping and our backs are most certainly thanking us!

I will write more about Auping, and how to choose the right bed and mattresses on the blog next week, so stay tuned!

Have a great weekend!


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