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The joy of slow mornings

slow mornings // heidihallingstad,com


Slow mornings

Slow mornings belong to weekends and vacations. I really do appreciate them. The kids love to be able to get up when they choose too and not when their mom tells them too 😉 There are no rush getting out of the door and everything just happen in the pace we feel like.

Ok, I have to admit those mornings also can be filled with fighting kids and a bit of chaos. But all in all they are far more relaxed and peaceful than school/work mornings.

Let’s cuddle up

One of they things I appreciate the most those mornings is being able cuddle up and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the couch or even better in bed.

As my kids are getting older, they don’t demand my attention as much as they did when they were younger. Meaning there are a whole lot more of “me-time” these mornings – such a joy!

slow mornings // heidihallingstad,com

Vacation time

We are enjoying some vacation time right now (as many other with school kids in Denmark). That means a bundle of those slow mornings with a cup in my hand. We tend to get a bit lazy during our vacations but I guess that’s ok to a certain degree 😉

I hope you might enjoy some slow mornings, too!

Bedding from CamCam // Tea cup from Architectmade // Pillow from Auping // Cutting board from HK Living

Best wishes from Heidi

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