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Fall break in Norway

fall-break // heidihallingstad.com

Fall break in my Norwegian hometown

As I mentioned in my last blogpost, we have enjoyed some time off with the kids. School kids means fall break in week 42, and this time, we have spent the break in my small hometown in Norway visiting my family. Always such a joy, and it’s always a bit sad to leave 🙁

If I can say so myself, I come from the most charming and beautiful place in Norway. It’s called Vikedal, and is situated on the west coast of Norway – in a lovely fjord, off course! Surrounded by high mountains and with a small beach by the fjord.

fall-break // heidihallingstad.com

Collecting memories

I have taken a lot of photos during this vacation (as always…), and if you ask me this is the best way to collect memories. I felt like sharing some of our memories here with you today.

These photos were taken on a grey day, but actually the sun has been shining more or less the whole time we were there. Fantastic! That made it possible to really enjoy the nature this time (the weather is not always that reliable on the west coast of Norway…). We did some hiking in perfect weather. I have to say that there are no surroundings that can compete with the Norwegian mountains during the fall – it’s simply amazing!

fall-break // heidihallingstad.com

Back to reality

Now, we are back in Denmark, and the reality of everyday life once again. Also good, but always a hard transition… We will always keep the feeling and memories of this vacation trough the photos 🙂 And we are already looking forward to the next time!

fall-break // heidihallingstad.com

I hope those of you that have enjoyed fall break, also have collected a lot of memories and had a great time with your loved ones!

Best wishes from Heidi

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