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Christmas Decoration tips

December glimpses

December is passing by in such a hurry. I have that same feeling every year; please stop the time, and let me enjoy December a little bit more! Before we know it, Christmas is over and we are entering…

Styling inspiration

Mornings Like These

Another weekend is over. A busy one for our part, but still with time to enjoy those slow mornings around the table. I have to admit that I’m most definitely not a morning person and I don’t think I…

Styling inspiration

Kitchen styling

  As I have mentioned before I am now a member of at(mine) – a fantastic place to share and not at least get inspiration on how to decorate your home. Each month at(mine) have a little challenge and…

Decoration tips Styling inspiration

Kitchen details

A kitchen is much more than cupboards and ovens. Creating the right look and mood in a kitchen lies all in the details. I have written a new article for iBOLIGEN and it’s about just that – the kitchen…