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Getting in that Christmas mood

Christmas moodboard: heidihallingstad.com

Today it is one week until the 1st of December and exactly 1 month until Christmas eve! I have to admit that I get a little bit stressed out thinking of how fast the time just flies by and that we are so close to the Christmas month…

How about you? Are you looking forward to the Christmas month or are you a bit stressed out, too?

There are decorations to be made, cookies to be baked and a lot of presents to be bought. Luckily we decide for ourselves how much we want to prepare and there are for sure some shortcuts here and there 😉 Christmas will arrive no matter what and I’m sure it’s going to be a cosy one.

I will show you glimpses of some of my preparations during December and I promise you that they will be easy to copy!

Yesterday I made this little Christmas moodboard – just to get a bit closer to that Christmas mood. As I have mentioned before I always make moodboards as a part of my work – both for shoots for the blog and for shoots for clients.

This moodboard more or less sums up how my Chrismas decoration will look like this year. A bit dark and moody, but hopefully it turns out quite cosy. Grey, black, brass, green and linen are favorite colors and materials right now and it looks so beautiful together. I also have the feeling that the color red will sneak it’s way into the decorations as well – let’s see 😉

Christmas moodboard: heidihallingstad.com

Looking outside today definitely don’t get me in that Christmas mood, that’s for sure… We had some snow in the weekend but now it’s all gone and we are back to rainy, windy and very dark weather. Well, nothing to do about that and luckily the Christmas mood can be found indoor 😉

Have a great Tuesday!


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