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Christmas wreaths

Christmas wreaths // heidihallingstad.com

The joy of Christmas wreaths

Making wreaths for Christmas has kind of gotten a tradition of mine. I know, it’s a “blogger-trend”, but never the less it’s just such a nice way to decorate for Christmas. Christmas wreaths are easy to make and so very decorative! Well, you can off course do them advanced, too, but I prefer to keep it rather simple. The other day I bought a couple of branches eucalyptus and made a whole bunch of wreaths in various sizes. Most of them rather small, though. They now are decorating all over our home and smells heavenly!

Christmas wreaths // heidihallingstad.com

Paper trees and flowers

It’s beginning to look more and more like Christmas around here. As you can see the colours it mostly held in my favourite ones (you know, black, grey, white…) and then added my favourite Christmas flowers. The lovely paper tree from Fab Goose is rather new in my selection of Christmas decor, but it’s already a BIG favourite of mine. It’s a keeper, that’s for sure ūüôā

Christmas wreaths // heidihallingstad.com


I’m still striving a bit to get that Christmas feeling, but I’m slowly getting there! Hope you all are enjoying the Christmas month! Follow me on Instagram to see more glimpses from my Christmas ūüėČ

Best wishes from Heidi

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