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Easter vacation in Vikedal

Easter vacation // heidihallingstad.com

Easter vacation in Norway

Then we are back from a lovely Easter vacation in my hometown, Vikedal, in Norway. Always a pleasure, even though the weather could have been better this time. A couple of days with sun was nice, but otherwise it was kind of a wet experience this time. Well, that’s the conditions on the west coast of Norway, so nothing new there 😉 Anyway, the weather didn’t stop us from having a lovely time, visiting our beloved family, hiking a bit, hunting Easter eggs and just relaxing.

Easter vacation // heidihallingstad.com


As I mentioned, and as you probably has seen if you follow me on Instagram, we did a little bit of hiking. Have to admit that I’m not in the best hiking shape (have to do something about that!!), but it’s always a pleasure experiencing the Norwegian nature first hand. I grew up surrounded by fantastic nature and hiking paths, but I kind of didn’t appreciate it as much growing up – I guess it was just there, and I took it for granted. But now I do, and except from my family, the mountains and the wild nature is what I miss the most when I now live in the very flat Denmark…

Up high and far away

I have to mention this place we hiked to and that you can see on the photos. People actually lived here until 1906, and believe me it’s up high and far away from other civilisation. And this place is actually not unique in Norway – there are many places like this. Wherever is was possible to run a little farm, there were. People coped with what they had, and made the best of it. I think that says a lot about the Norwegian heritage, and is definitely one of those things that makes me proud to be Norwegian.

Easter vacation // heidihallingstad.com

I hope you had a lovely Easter, too!

Best wishes from Heidi

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