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Decoration outside in your garden, on the patio or on your balcony does not differ that much from the decoration inside your home. Of course there are other requirements for materials and features, but my best advice is to take the decor inside with you outside! And what do I mean by that? Keep reading and I will let you know 😉

Decorate in the same style outside as inside. It can even be a good idea to buy furniture and accessories that can be used both inside AND outside. This saves storage space and makes the interior decoration of your home more flexible.

If you have room for it, then invest in a BIG table with seating for many, so you do not have to make major changes when you invite friends and family over for a barbecue.

Divide your patio and garden into zones – a place for relaxation and a place for eating and activity

Make sure you have a good pair of lounge chairs, a hammock, a daybed or a beanbag chair that invites you to relax and maybe take nap in the open

Buy furniture of GOOD quality. They must be able to stand outside in all weather conditions. And remember that maintenance-free does not necessarily mean good quality … Select hardwoods (remember that it should preferably be FSC), bamboo, polypropylene with glass fiber or powder coated steel

Furniture don’t have to be new. Take a look at your thrift store and see what you can find – vintage furniture are often of better quality than the furniture that is being produced today. And a bucket of paint can do wonders!IMG_1365

Use textiles like pillows, throw blankets and plastic carpets to create coziness. I personally use many of the pillows and blankets I have inside during the winter, outside in summer. They are thrown into a large basket (or two), which means that they can easily be taken in and out.

Provide shade using sails or large garden parasols. It’s a good idea to have a movable garden parasol on wheels.

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Flowers and plants is a must-have but try to think a little alternative to the usual summer flowers. For example, use palms, bamboo in pots and cacti. Some of these plants can also be enjoyed inside during the winter.

Make sure you also have some lighting possibilities outside. Have several lanterns and strings of lights that can light up the lovely warm summer evenings.

Set the mood with things you find on the beach and in the woods – stones, shells, driftwoods or just fine branches. Simple and beautiful decoration.



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