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The Organic Company

One of my absolute favorite brands are The Organic Company.

That is off course also why you find them in my curated shop “Things I love”.

The Organic Company is a Danish design company – founded by Joy Vasiljev – which creates meaningful and tasteful home accessories from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

I have several of their towels at home, and I just want more and more of them. They are lovely and I like knowing that they are produced of organic materials and in a place where I can be sure that the working conditions are ok.

All items from The Organic Company are made of organic cotton, and since 2010 all products are certified with the international organic label GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

This standard guarantees the consumer not only that all fabrics are organic but also that a series of international workers rights are met and that no toxic, cancer-causing or polluting chemicals are used in the production.

I would love to see more companies in the interior industry produce their products after the same standards as The Organic Company.

Hopefully we will in the future and actually we as consumers have some saying in that matter. We have to be critical and ask questions to the interior companies – if we don’t, this will never be changed!

Do you think of how the things you buy for your home are produced? Please let me know your thoughts about this!