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Summer party

summer party // housedoctor //

Photo: House Doctor

Dreaming of a summer party

I can’t help longing for those warm and bright summer nights and a summer party (or two…). I’m not the one usually arranging lots of parties, but my goal this summer is to invite more friends and family over for these cosy summer evenings. If the weather treats itself, that is! But hopefully this summer will be filled with lots of warm and sunny evenings (right?)!


Inspiration from House Doctor

Discovering these lovely photos from House Doctor made me longing for a summer party even more. This setting is just so cosy and inspiring. Not that a summer party has to look like this, and most certainly won’t look like this when I arrange one. But still, isn’t it just a wonderful atmosphere in these photos? I want to sit right there enjoying tasty summerfood in the company of my family and friends. Wouldn’t you? Everything in the photos are from House Doctor and you can get most of it here (use the code “instagram and get 5%off!!) or here.


summer party // housedoctor //

Photo: House Doctor


Hope you like the photos, too, and lets wish for lots of those warm and bright summer nights!

Best wishes from Heidi

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