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Loose perfection!

There are a lot of talks these days about the personal interior style. Trend experts claim that this is a whole new interior decoration style and a trend it its self.

The discussion has rolled among especially Swedish interior bloggers and there are made a lot of good points – for instance just read this blogpost from the great blog 17doors.

loose perfection

Source: VTWonen

I tend to agree with 17doors a lot more than I agree with the trend experts. In my opinion personal home decoration can never be a separate interior style in it self, but should be the corner stone of any decoration what so ever.

Then you can add a preferred style like eclectic, modern or vintage but the personal touch should be in the decoration from the start.

What I would call a trend though, is loosening up a bit and not be that concerned about having the perfect home. Or at least this is a trend I really hope will set roots, not at least among interior bloggers and instagrammers.

In my opinion there are far too much focus on having the right items and the right colors on the walls, and sadly I see a lot of “copy-paste” homes out there…

loose perfection

Source: VTWonen

There is nothing wrong with being a “interior-decoration-freak” and wanting nice design and a good looking homes – I am one myself… But I just hope it gets a bit more “trendy” to loose the perfection and add much more personality in our homes!

Please let me hear your opinion about this 🙂


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