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Hallingstad Lovring

Creating a mood!

It’s all about creating a mood – simple as that! Both in images, in the graphics and in texts. A mood that makes the right people feel the right things. We create that mood!

And who are we?

We are Diana and Heidi, and we have actually worked together for several years. Diana is a master with a camera and the graphic lines, and Heidi is a shark in social media and text communication. We both love to style lovely images with food and interior. Together, we are a first-class team. We can help you find the right visual and communicative mood in the marketing of your brand or product.

Some of what we can offer:

Developing ideas – communication – marketing strategy

Text – photo – styling – campaigns – graphic design

Workshops in social media – eventmaking

Who are you?

We are experts in the furniture and interior industry so it’s probably also where you feel the most at home. New, old, big or small is not that important to us – the main thing is that we can help you further from where you are now. We adapt to what you need and your budget. With you as a partner, we make solutions together that works and clearly shows what you can do.

And what can you expect from us?

First of all, you can expect professional guidance – we have the right education and a lot of hands-on experience. We have exact solutions on how to hit the right people in the right way. Last but not least, we can provide a comprehensive solution. We supply both photo / styling, graphics, text and marketing – it makes so much easier for you!