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easter wreath --
Styling inspiration

Easter wreath

  Easter coming up! Easter is approaching and I’m looking forward to vacations days once again – yeah! As we did last year we are celebrating Easter in Norway with my family, so I’m all ready counting the days. Easter…

clean-sheets //
Styling inspiration

Clean sheets

Happy New Year! I hope you all have had a great celebration of the new year and have started 2017 with a blast! A new year means wonderful clean sheets in a brand new calendar – how great is…

christmas-bouquet //
Christmas Styling inspiration

A Christmas bouquet

  Decorating with a Christmas bouquet I’m not the biggest fan of the traditional Christmas decorations. You know, the ones with clay and a candle in the middle? I think it has something to do with me making a…

Christmas home /
Christmas Styling inspiration

My Christmas home

  Featured on Yesterday I had the pleasure of being featured on Among other photos of my home there are several photos my Christmas home. I’ve been interviewed about our Christmas traditions and how I decorate for…

ferm living christmas-stocking //
Christmas Styling inspiration

Christmas stocking

Counting down with a Chritmas stocking The days in December pass by too fast. The time from the 1st to 24th of December might feel endless to my kids, but personally I feel like the days pass by in…

Christmas traditions / fab-goose /
Christmas Styling inspiration

Welcome December

The long wait Then December is suddenly here. Or, finally, if you ask my kids. They have been waiting patiently for weeks for this magic day to appear, and in their eyes the Christmas starts NOW! For me (and…