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Pinterest: Winter Flowers

  Brighten up with flowers The last few days I have been pinning beautiful flower bouquets like crazy… With grey and dark weather and all the nice Christmas decoarations gone, I’m in need of some beautiful flowers to brighten…

Christmas Moodboard inspiration

Pinterest: Christmas

  Christmas inspiration from Pinterest November means the first Christmas pictures popping up here and there. Here in Denmark, Christmas actually more or less lasts for 2 months – or at least it could feel like it sometimes… I…

Pinterest: Dream Home //
Moodboard inspiration

Pinterest: Dream Home

  It’s definitely time for some more Pinterest inspiration once again! It has been far too long since the last one. Today I thought I’d present my favorite Pinterest board; “Dream Home”. This is for sure my most used…

Moodboard inspiration

Fall moodboard

It’s no secret that I love moodboards, and I do make a lot of them! Entering the fall season means a lot of inspiration inputs, as you can see from my previous post (where I keep pinning, btw). I feel like…

Moodboard inspiration

Moodboard: Let’s eat

  Eating in green surroundings does something to your appetite – at least I believe it does! I love eating outside and luckily we hopefully will get many chances do so in the upcoming months. There is just something…

Moodboard inspiration

Moodboard: Lighter & brighter

  Longing for lighter and brighter times? I do! I wish the spring soon arrives for good and not just in small glimpses here and there. Suddenly it’s here, I know, and then we soon forget the cold and…