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Summer memories

And then a summerbreak filled with beautiful summer memories is over and the kids are going back to school this week. I always think the vacation is over too fast, even though I have the luxury to enjoy more…

Summer living //
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Summer living

The first summer month has passed and it always use to be a rather hectic one. A lot of activities and summer goodbyes at school and the kids leisure activities, midsummer celebration and usually lots of projects that have…

The joy of a blooming apple tree //
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The joy of a blooming apple tree

A blooming apple tree is a very simple joy, but nevertheless one of the most joyful happenings in my garden every year. With the blooming apple tree it feels like the summer and the garden season finally have arrived! We…

Feels like Summer //
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Feels like Summer

  I guess I got what I wished for in the last blogpost. The lighter and brigther days have arrived for sure, and now it almost feels like Summer. Couldn’t be better, and it feels great! There is just…

that spring feeling //
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That spring feeling

I think we can finally say that spring is here to stay. Everything is slowly turning green and flowers are popping up where ever you look. The evenings are getting brighter every day and soon we can skip that…

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Instagram moments: Winter vacation

Time for some Instagram moments once again. A bit delayed, I’m afraid, as I have been down with a bad cold/flu once again. It has been a hard two first months of this year – feeling I have been…

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Instagram moments

Until now I have kept what I post here on the blog and what I post on Instagram more or less apart. And that’s a shame, actually… It sure is two different forums and should not be addressed in…

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Autumn mood

The blog has been a bit quiet lately. No particular reason, really, but I have been busy enjoying my kids as it has been their autumn vacation last week. And it sure has become autumn and I am really…