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Chasing numbers //
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Chasing numbers… or not!

Numbers don’t matter! I’ve been meaning to write this blogpost for a long time. As it’s a topic I really don’t think is discussed enough. Maybe it’s because I have a marketing degree or it’s my age (and then…

Instagram tips


  Hashtag love: #adoremycupofcoffee It’s about time with some more hashtag love, don’t you think? This time I’m recommending a tag for all those lovely cups of coffee out there, namely #adoremycupofcoffee. I think it was last fall, I…

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My 2016 on Instagram

January February March April May June July August September October November December Monthly summary on Instagram When 2016 started I decided to make a summary with my favourite photos for each month on Instagram. I never imagined I would…

Hashtag love: #thatauthenticfeeling //
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  Hashtag love: #thatauthenticfeeling I promissed a while ago that I would get back to hashtags on Instagram and my favorite ones. That time is now 😉 Well, I have plenty of favorite ones and it changes from time…

fall-break //
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Fall break in Norway

Fall break in my Norwegian hometown As I mentioned in my last blogpost, we have enjoyed some time off with the kids. School kids means fall break in week 42, and this time, we have spent the break in…

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A fall bouquet

Picking a fall bouquet It’s still possible to pick a beautiful fall bouquet outside in the garden (at least here in Denmark, that is…) Hydrangeas is one of my favourites this time of the year. I love them the most…

The world of hashtags::
Instagram tips

The world of hashtags

I have to admit that it took me a while to see the real value of hashtags. I’ll still not say am an expert in using them. I have learned A LOT along the way, though and thought maybe…