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Christmas Decoration tips

Gift wrapping

How do you feel about gift wrapping? Do you love wrapping gifts or do you hate it? I’m somewhere in between, I think. I actually love wrapping, as long as it’s not too many gifts to wrap or the…

Christmas Decoration tips

December glimpses

December is passing by in such a hurry. I have that same feeling every year; please stop the time, and let me enjoy December a little bit more! Before we know it, Christmas is over and we are entering…

Christmas Decoration tips


I think we all know the Christmas flower Poinsettia. Typically seen in red and maybe not the most trendy Christmas flower there is. Here in Denmark the Poinsettia is often called a “grandmother-flower” and you rarely see them in…

Christmas Decoration tips Shopping tips

Fir trees and pine cones

It’s the time for decorating our homes for Christmas. Nothing is more cosy than bringing out lovely Christmas ornaments from those boxes that have been stored away since December last year. Even though I have plenty of ornaments all…

Christmas Decoration tips

A Christmas table

(this blogpost contains advertising links) December is filled with opportunities to gather around the table with family and friends. That is what makes this month so cosy and joyful, don’t you think? A Christmas table can be set in…

Christmas Decoration tips

Christmas wreath the easy way

I was writing earlier about making wreaths for Christmas this year. Well, I have made one, but I have kind of cheated a bit… If you are making a big and solid wreath from scratch, it takes a lot…