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Blue tones

As I mentioned in my blog post about Interior Trends, blue is one of the colors we will see a lot of in the coming year. Normally I am not that fond of blue. Ok, the color in fine, but blue have never been “my color” when I have decorated my home.

But seeing these beautiful pictures with blue colors from different interior brands, blue has begun to grow on me…

This is actually a perfect example of how trends do affect us trough inspiration and exposure 😉 If I will get a more blue home during the year is yet to see, but I definitely feel inspired!


Broste Copenhagen


Flügger Botanic Garden

Louise roe

Louise Roe

pernille folcarelli

Pernille Folcarelli

I will dive more into the trend colors and who “decides” what they should be very soon – so if you are interested keep an eye on the blog!

Have a great day!


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