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Another one of my favorite brands are Aiayu, and you can also find beautiful products from them in my curated shop “Things I love”.

Aiayu started up back in 2005 with a vision to deliver timeless and exclusive design with respect for the environment and working conditions.

Production takes place in Bolivia where Aiayu is looking to create growth and work for the local people.

Aiayu manufactures its products in cooperation with Danida focusing on education, social responsibility and environmentally sound production.

Most of their products are made of Lama wool and are hand knitted by locals in Bolivia. The result is beautiful and heavenly soft products both for the home and for you.

Aiayu is, in the same way as The Organic Company, one of the remarkable companies in the interior industry that has taken a stand and think of more than just manufacture and sell lovely products.

I love that, and I think it deserves much more attention that it actually gets. Do you agree? I hope so 🙂